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It never was. The world was blown apart before she was revived, and she slept, like a fly trapped in amber, for nearly a hundred years. Ryan and his companions had found and freed her. They had brought her back to life, into a world she had never dreamed existed. By her perspective, she had gone to sleep as a thirty-six-year old professional woman and awakened a moment later to the devastating realization her hundredth birthday had come and was long gone. Amazingly the ill effects of the anesthetic had disappeared.

Her overwhelming wave of relief was swallowed up by an equally overwhelming wave of embarrassment and anger. Then, yelping a wolflike cry, a pirate cut in front of Krysty. He was astride the pony, leaning over its neck. She recognized him as the coldheart who had pissed on the Cheyenne man. Krysty kicked the bay down into the creek bed, fumbling with her empty blaster, not daring to holster the weapon for fear of dropping it. For a minute it was a wild race, with her horse's long-legged stride overtaking the pony.

It's about a quarter full," he said. " Ryan nodded as he walked toward Mildred and her patient. " Mildred shrugged. "A few bruises and abrasions, nothing serious. " Without looking at him, the woman spoke in a clear, toneless voice. "Amicus. " Easing to a kneeling position in front of her, Ryan put a friendly smile on his face. "That's where we're headed. " The woman said nothing. " he asked. The woman's eyes were blank. Ryan recognized the symptoms of a person who had undergone such terror and witnessed such horror that all emotions were frozen, locked deep within the soul.

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