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By Gordon Martel

Worthy compilation of essays protecting the most important occasions of the twentieth century. status out from this total striking physique of labor are the contributions at the undertones and motives of WW I (Martel's specialty) and 3 chapters on often-overlooked advancements resulting in WW II.

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11. For additional references to the “policemen” idea, see Warren F. Kimball, “The Sheriffs: FDR’s Postwar World,” in press from the “In the Shadow of FDR” conference, Roosevelt Institute, Hyde Park, NY (September 22–5, 2005). 21 FRUS, 1943, vol. 3, p. 39. 22 The so-called Polish Question is far too complex and lengthy to cover in this essay. Suffice to say that nationalism, religion, and politics all combined to make an inflammatory mix. The realities of war, Polish intransigence, and the need to maintain the Grand Alliance and extend it to Japan prevented the Anglo-Americans from giving the Poles anything more than private and empty reassurances.

4, The Hinge of Fate, p. 383. The short quotes in the preceding two paragraphs are taken from various sources cited in Kimball, Forged in War, pp. 148–59, plus one from Churchill, The Hinge of Fate, p. 481. Churchill as quoted in Gilbert, Road to Victory, p. 313. ” Kimball, Forged in War, p. 214. Arguments that unconditional surrender was a tragedy and that it lengthened the war are premised on a canard – that a strong Germany at the end of the Second World War would have somehow prevented Soviet occupation of eastern Europe and won the Cold War even before it started.

122. 10 See all the documents in Rzheshevsky, War and Diplomacy, pp. 163–261, but especially docs. 71, 72, 81, 83, 94, and 100. Italics added. Molotov Remembers, ed. Felix Chuev and Albert Resis (Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 1993), pp. 45–6. 11 Warren F. Kimball, Forged in War (New York: Morrow, 1997), p. 142; Martin Gilbert, Road to THE GR AND ALLIANCE, 1941–1945 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Victory (Boston: Houghton Miffl in, 1986), p. 121. The “pull of the Pacific” was heightened by American naval victories in the Pacific.

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