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By Ian Patterson

This dictionary is the 1st of its sort: a treasury of colour phrases and words, a finished source for exploring each point of colour and it many purposes around the disciplines and during the ages.

Words are drawn from many various worlds together with artwork, artists, craft and layout, portray, printing and sculpture, the ornamental arts, gemstones, model, textiles, cosmetics, physics, maths, astronomy, chemistry, dyes, colorants, paints, biology, geography, geology, minerals, heritage, artwork historical past, social historical past, faith, philosophy, heraldry, mythology and symbolism, languarge, linguistrics, grammar, slang, literature [inc. the Bible and Shakespeare], track, theatre, images, tv and picture, psychology and human habit, schooling, politics, trade, economics, finance, legislation, commute, conflict, imaginative and prescient and color-blindness, medication, medicines and colour remedy, food and drinks, colour idea and lots of others.

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Writers, reporters, copywriters, picture, cloth and model designers, artists and illustrators, paintings scholars, paintings critics, decorators, architects, set designers, colorists and dye-makers, colour scientists, product designers, product originators and agents, brands of paints and wall-papers, language fans, word-lovers and dictionary creditors, normal libraries and educational libraries in terms of the above disciplines.

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N aspergillin A black soluble pigment from the fungi Aspergillus. c asphalt Having the brownish-black colour of asphalt; dark grey. n asphaltum An ancient mixture of oil (or turpentine) and asphalt used by Rembrandt. Also referred to as ‘bitumen’. c asphodel The rich yellow of the daffodil. c asphodel green A yellowish green. n ASTM The American Society for Testing and Materials founded in 1898 and now known as ASTM International providing standards in many applications in over 130 industries including artists’ colours which are coded according to their 26 A D I C T I O N A R Y O F C O L O U R lightfastness or permanence (Standard D4302-90).

N birthstone colours There are many different lists of modern and traditional birthstones and their corresponding colours most of which refer to the calendar months rather than to the star signs. Both the American National Association of Jewelers and the National Association of Goldsmiths in Great Britain and Ireland have promoted their own lists. The following is an amalgam of a number of lists: c deep dark red January garnet or rose quartz purple or lavender February amethyst or onyx pale blue March aquamarine or bloodstone clear or no colour April diamond or rock-crystal dark bright green May emerald or chrysoprase cream or lavender June pearl or moonstone or alexandrite red July ruby, cornelian, (carnelian) or onyx pale green August peridot or sardonyx deep blue September sapphire or lapis lazuli variegated, pink, or rose October opal or tourmaline yellow or gold November topaz or citrine sky blue or turquoise December zircon, turquoise or blue topaz.

A colour with a 1 or 2 rating is the most permanent. See Blue Wool Scale. pr atr-, atri-, atro- (L) Black; from the Latin ater ‘black’. The words ‘atrocious’, ‘atrabilious’ (melancholy) and possibly ‘atrium’ (originally, says World Wide Words, the blackened walls of a hall where there was a central fire but no chimney) are also derived from this root. n atrament, atramentum Black ink. Any black colorant. A very dark brown pigment described by Pliny and produced from calcined bones. In the ancient world atramentum librarium was used as writing ink; atramentum sutorium for dyeing shoe leather and atramentum pictorium was used by artists as a varnish.

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