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By Jacamo Peterson

"A not easy Place" a narrative of strive against operations in South Vietnam,Republic of, with the boys of a small unit referred to as a cellular response or "Mike Force". They operated out of Chu Lai the sprawling base camp at the coast of South Vietnam, domestic to the twenty third Infantry department and the seventy fifth Rangers. Their missions have been carried out within the northern provinces, dubbed through the army as 1st strive against Tactical quarter (1CTZ).From Rosemary's aspect at Chu Lai, to Da Nang, to the Tuy Lon River and the White Mountains, around the Hai Van cross to Phu Bai.

They have been either recon and striker unit, occasionally simply searching for intell, occasionally attacking and occasionally being attacked. usually deployed to enhance a small camp or firebase. occasionally workng as convoy security.Mostly it used to be scorching! lifestyles for them was once both base camp dull, or "boonie rat" extreme in complete "battle rattle".

Sometimes assigned missions to find or seize particular objectives. All in their missions have been either labeled and clandestine. Even their life was once denied. up to attainable their events have been hidden or camouflaged inside better unit operations and activities.

Their operations have been often performed with niether back-up, nor help on hand. They have been required to maneuver and live on on their bush talents, to conform, over come, improvise, or if that failed E&E (escape and stay away from) again to a pick-up or rendezvous element for extraction.

This tale is ready serving in Vietnam as expert infantrymen in a "No Such Unit Exists" prestige. a part of the "other" military in - South Vietnam, Republic of "A challenging PLACE."

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Had been making good progress towards the city until they came upon Khokhlovo, where IR 15 suffered casualties. A quick attack cleared the Soviet resistance by midday on 14 July, but the fighting was fierce and uncompromising. After fighting off a pair of Soviet bombers, IR 15 continued the advance: ‘at midday the battle-hardened regiment pushed further forward and by the evening hours of the 15th it had reached the south-western edge of Smolensk’ (Lemelsen & Schmidt 1960:122). /AR 29 set out at 0700hrs on 15 July, swinging out to the right to come at the city directly from the south.

10 23 July: 29. ) starts its withdrawal from Smolensk, completing its exit in the early hours of 27 July. On 29 July, the last units of 16th Army leave the city of Smolensk; Lukin, realizing that the encirclement of the city is making any sort of defence untenable, has ordered his divisions to withdraw. Battlefield environment Smolensk, one of the oldest cities in Russia, had been a critically important axis of attack for invading armies for centuries. Sweden’s King Charles XII made for the city in his 1709 invasion of Russia and Napoleon’s Grande Armée fought a major battle for the city in August 1812.

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