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This Sophi," he says a little further onS, "is fair, handsome, and very pleasing ; not very tall, but of a light and well-framed figure; rather stout than slight, with broad shoulders. His hair is reddish; he only wears moustachios, and uses his left hand instead of his right. " " H e is almost worshipped," he remarks in another place4, "more especially by his soldiers, many of whom fight without armour, being willing to die for their master. ' The anonymous merchant describes him6 at the age of thirty-one as " Very handsome, of a magnanimous countenance, and about middle height; he is fair, stout, and with broad shoulders, his beard is shaved and he only wears a moustache, not appearing to be a very heavy man.

3) From Shdh Iswza'il to SuZ&& Bdyazid II, requesting tt'zat his disc$Zes in Asia Minor may not be prevented from visitilzg him at Ara'abLZ (p. 345). This letter, undated and in Persian, is important as proving how numerous were the partisans of the Safawis in the Ottoman dominions. -~oylin~b, or '' White Sheep" dynasty. 5-2 68 CREATION OF THE SAFAWf POWER [PT I (4) Su(tdn BdyazM's atzswer to the above, also itz Persian nnd zdndated (pp. 345-6). The Ottoman SulfAn says that, having investigated the matter, he finds that the motive of many of these pilgrims is not the desire to fulfil a pious duty, but to escape from the obligation of military service.

Rofessedthe Persian Religion ; and them whom he found to have borne Arms in the late Rebellion he caused to be put to death with most exquisite torments and the rest to be burnt in their Foreheads with an hot Iron, thereby forever to be known; whom together with the Kinsfolks and Friends of them that were executed or 1 I quote the sixth edition of his Tz~rkishHistory, with Sir Paul Kycaut's continuation, published in London in 1687. The passage in question occurs on p. 315 of vol. i. Le. 'AlI, A l ~ m a dand Yal~yBPashas.

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