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By Natalia Bitekhtina, Larisa Grushevskaya, Yulia Sheina

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This booklet is a facsimile reprint and should comprise imperfections comparable to marks, notations, marginalia and fallacious pages.

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Me want him gun belong you, me like go bush shoot him pidgeon. Give me your fowling piece, I will go in the bush and shoot pigeons. 41 42 Tok Pisin Texts Master belong me he no good, he too much fight me. My master is not good, he beats me too much. Me no like go work, me stop house, cocoanut belong me too much sore. I can’t go to work, I want to stay at home, because my head is aching. Interesting linguistic features include: [1] The resumptive pronoun he is used variably to introduce predicates.

There is much to suggest that the entire morphology arose by reanalysis from syntactic structures, and that substrate or superstrate influences in this area of the grammar were relatively unimportant. , Kriol [Jones 1971] or Sranan in Surinam [Sebba 1981]), Tok Pisin has developed a very extensive morphology component, and only a few constructions can be presented here. An exhaustive description can be found in Mühlhäusler (1979). a. Compound adjectives The lack of adjectives in the early developmental stages of Tok Pisin was initially remedied by paraphrasing, for example: Tok Pisin Gloss Translation ai bilong me pas bel bilong me kaskas ‘my eye is blocked’ ‘my stomach has the itch’ blind annoyed Over the course of the years shorter adjectives developed from these paraphrases and idioms: 29 30 Tok Pisin Texts Tok Pisin Gloss Translation belgut aipas skrulus aislip nekdrai wetgras ‘belly good’ ‘eye blocked’ ‘joint loose’ ‘eye sleeply’ ‘throat dry’ ‘white hair’ satisfied blind lame drowsy thirsty senile b.

That is finished now. So I would just like to tell you that that is finished. If you are not agreeable, just give me two pounds to pay for things. I have nothing coming to me so that I could distribute it among my fellow villagers. I am telling you this, I want to inform you. Nevermind, if you do not give it to me it makes no difference. It is finished now. Good bye, I am off. I am going to Siara. Interesting linguistic features include: [1] Pabai (baimbai), the future marker, is used as a complementizer here.

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