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There may have been some minor skirmishes, but the Romans did not make note of any major battles to conquer the Arabs, unlike the contemporary annexation of Dacia (modern Romania) by the Emperor Trajan. ) 25 The Nabataeans created a society that incorporated Hellenistic, Arab, and other influences to create a unique civilization. Originally seminomadic, the Nabataeans were Aramaic and Arabic speakers, who had extensive contacts with the Hellenistic states after the death of Alexander the Great, and also established commercial ties with the Hellenized Jewish Maccabees in Palestine.

In Mecca and especially in Medina, Jewish clans controlled fortresses and trading firms, and were among the wealthiest and most important families in the region. Most followers of Judaism in the peninsula seem to have been converts, rather than Jewish immigrants to the region from Palestine or other areas. , Christians, especially those of persecuted sects, began to flee to Arabia, a region beyond the control of Rome, Constantinople, and the intellectual center of Alexandria. ) 23 Egypt, Ethiopians, and Greek Christians from the Byzantine Empire all attempted to convert the Arabs.

Which succeeded in occupying Jerusalem, the Nabataeans had little choice but to accept the eastern invaders. With the return of Roman forces, the Nabataeans had to pay a massive fine. , succeeding in occupying what had been Nabataean territory in Syria. , however, restored the balance in the region and unified the empire under Octavian, soon to be known as Caesar Augustus. Realizing they could not continue to defy Rome, Petra’s kings restored their ties to the Romans after this debacle. , the Nabataeans allied with the Romans in an assault on the Sabaeans in Yemen, an attack that Rome hoped would gain control of the lucrative spice trade.

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