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By Dorothy Stein

During this engrossing biography, Dorothy Stein strips away the numerous layers of fantasy to bare a narrative way more dramatic and engaging than prior bills have indicated.

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Some "organ" of the brain was supposed to give rise to each faculty, or behavioral disposition. Just how many faculties there were, and their exact locations in the head, were matters of some dispute. Among the faculties were included such "feelings and propensities" as "combativeness," "constructive­ ness," "destructiveness," and "acquisitiveness. " Still another broad class were the "knowing faculties, " including "individuality. " "form," "size, " "weight, " and "color. " Finally there were "reflective faculties," such as "comparison," "wit, " "causality, " and "imitation.

Around this objective Lady Byron organized her existence. She had obtained the expert advice of Dr. Stephen Lushington, a prominent lawyer who was to argue in favor of widow burning in India before the Privy Council, but who never failed to support his noble client against all her ad­ versaries as long as she lived and afterward. , confiding] with Dr. Lushington and so far from thinking that the SUSpicions could do any good to me, he deprecates beyond anything the slightest intimation of them, as having the appearance of Malice-and altogether most injurious to me in a social view.

And Greek- the alphabet - I'm nearly sure; She read some French romances here and there, Although her mode of speaking was not pure. . Just in case anyone might not recognize the picture as drawn from life, he added a few snippets of unmistakable autobiography. For Inez called some druggists and physicians, And tried to prove her loving lord was mad, But as he had some lucid intermissions, She next decided he was only bad; She kept a journal, where his faults were noted, And opened certain trunks of books and letters, All which might, if occasion served, be quoted; Calmly she heard each calumny that rose, And saw his agonies with such sublimity, That all the world exclaim'd, "What magnanimity!

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