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By P. Denoix, G. Mathé (auth.), Professor Gianni Bonadonna, Professor Georges Mathé, Professor Sydney E. Salmon (eds.)

P. Denoix and G. Mathe nearly 70% of melanoma sufferers relapse after surgical procedure ahead of the fifth yr and, commonly, for instance in breast carcinoma, they relapse nonetheless later as much as the 20 th 12 months. For a few massive time, the tactic of melanoma remedy has been restricted to the sophistication of surgery-radiotherapy combos that maximally diminished the prevalence of neighborhood and local relapses in websites that have been inside their achieve. this day, the perform of scientific oncology is unthinkable with out the lively participation of the clinical oncologist. he's the "third guy" of the medical oncology crew, and he has lately targeted recognition at the indisputable fact that such a lot relapses come up from far-off metastases as a result proliferation of cells seeded there after having left the first tumor website on the time of operation and, therefore, are inaccessible to any shape oflocal and/or local remedy. in this proof, clinical oncologists have proposed the appliance of clinical remedies for disseminated minimum residual disorder (MRD). they've got to be had potential: chemother­ apy and immunotherapy. scientific oncologists commonly could be divided into 3 teams: chemotherapists, immunotherapists, and chemoimmunotherapists. The natural chemotherapists, who had already cured a few malignant neoplasias equivalent to Hodgkin's sickness, acute lymphoid leukemia, placental choriocarcinoma, and Wilms' tumor, idea they could have the technique of attacking the residual illness of universal cancers.

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6 and submitted to chromatography on DEAE cellulose. All the different protein peaks are obtained by stepwise elution as shown in Fig. 1. The hormonal dependance of some breast cancers and the intracellular secretary products suggest the synthesis of milk-like substances. It was then proposed that some mammary carcinomas could produce milk antigens. We have tried to clarify the problem of caseins in human breast cancer. With this objective we initiated radioimmunoassays of caseins in 1973 [2]. Our first results were obtained with a system using whole casein as tracer and standard.

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