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By Meghan Ciana Doidge

After the virus decimates 99.9% of the world’s inhabitants, and all strains of humanity besides it, Rhiannon and may are pressured to maneuver past their earlier popularity, fortune, and private demons to rescue a mute lady from the clutches of 2 warring cults.

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Where would I go? The day must come when I marry and my husband discovers that I am no longer a virgin, that I have undergone two abortions. It was not to sightsee or to get to know my uncle better that I have come to Mrica, though these were the reasons I gave so insistently when I first urged him to invite me. ) Now I am in Africa because I want to be far from Beirut. My father had begun to insist that I should marry Samir, Ahmad's friend, who had several times asked me to marry him. Each time I had refused, even though I liked him.

What does he see in you? " My mother would shriek, "You will become an old maid! Already you are an old maid! " Calmly my father would ask again, -probing for a reason, "Zahra, if there is someone else who wants to marry you, do not be afraid. " I keep the answer deep within me. I hold Malek far away. I hold the narrow bed in the garage room where he has lain on top of me far away. I hold the picture of his wife and child, which he always carries in his wallet, and which I have glimpsed when he pays for coffee in that cafe frequented only by those afraid to be seen together in public, far away.

He would meet me and kiss me, and I would push him away. Then he would lift my skirt casually, not even bothering to undress me completely before making love to me. All at once I would be filled with disgust and contempt . . the same feelings that had come over me during the abortion. The old doctor h~d made me lie down with the help of a rather fat elderly nurse who fixed her hair and put on her I 34 Hanan ai-Shaykh lipstick without the aid of a mirror. I thought she was a hallucination, that I was still under the effects of anaesthesia.

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