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Its solution, however, seems quite varied, when we view it in cross-cultural perspective. Thus, across cultures, children are apt to have very different experiences with reinforcement schedules when they behave aggressively. And there is more to the story of individual experience differences, as we point out in the next section. A Research Strategy 31 Opportunities to Emulate Aggressive Models. As we stress elsewhere in this volume (see especially the chapter on the United States), we believe that much of the leaming-toaggress which occurs among human beings involves learning by observation.

1 will draw on this report for some factual information as well as for interpretations, explanations, and suggestions offered by the jurists and social scientists. In the second part of this chapter, as a psychologist, I will focus on the views Brazilian psychologists have on aggression. I shall describe in detail a few research studies which illustrate the popular lines of theory and research on aggression in Brazil. I will also suggest how these scientific views affect lay conceptions of aggression and how to deal with it.

A cross-cultural analysis of sex differences in the behavior of children aged three through eleven. Journal of Social Psychology, 1973, 91, 171-188. Whiting, B. B. & Whiting, J. W. M. Children of six cultures: A psycho-cultural analysis. : Harvard University Press, 1975. Whiting, J. W. M. Cultural and sociological influences on development. In Growth and development of the child in his setting. Maryland: Maryland Child Growth and Development Institute, 1959. Whiting, J. W. M. Effects of climate on certain cultural practices.

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