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Overlaying 580 species present in the USA and Canada west of the one centesimal Meridian, the American Museum of normal historical past Birds of North the USA Western Region is the single consultant to exploit a completely built-in photographic method of profile the extreme diversity of birds normally visible west around the nice Plains and West Coast.

Ideal for birdwatchers and fowl fanatics of all ages, and together with info on habit, nesting, and habitat, the American Museum of average historical past Birds of North the United States Western Region comprises distinctive sections on species chanced on merely within the Southwest and for species which are unusual or relatively restricted in distribution.

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Prefers a mixture of fallow and active agricultural fields combined with brushy forest edges and woodlots along river beds. light brown longer tail more heavily barred naked orange skin scalloped pattern on underparts Length 15–19in (38–48cm) Wingspan 23–26in (58–66cm) Weight 26 –34oz (750–950g) Social Flocks Lifespan Up to 7 years Status Declining (p) DATE SEEN WHERE NOTES 31 GAMEBIRDS Order Galliformes Family Phasainidae Species Lagopus leucura White-tailed Ptarmigan red naked skin over eye all-white overall lichen-like coloration and patterning ADULT (WINTER) white tail IN FLIGHT FEMALE (SUMMER) white between eye and bill small, black bill ADULT (WINTER) varied breeding plumage is turning white with molting feathers MALE (LATE SUMMER) T he smallest and most southern of the three North American ptarmigan, the White-tailed Ptarmigan’s native range is still largely intact.

T his diminutive white goose is not much bigger than a Mallard, and half the weight of a Snow Goose; like its larger relative, it also has a “blue” form. About 95 percent of Ross’s Geese nest at a single sanctuary in Arctic Canada, the rest breed along Hudson Bay and at several island locations. Hunting reduced the population to just 6,000 in the early 1950s, but the species has rebounded substantially, becoming more common along the East Coast as numbers increase. VOICE Call a keek keek keeek, higher-pitched than Snow Goose; also a harsh, low kork or kowk; quiet when feeding.

FLIGHT: strong, direct flight; flies alone, in multiple lines, or in a V-formation. FLIGHT FORMATIONS This heavy-bodied, powerful flier can often be seen in tightly packed flocks. OCCURRENCE SIMILAR SPECIES Different habitats are utilized for breeding and wintering. Nesting areas include tundra ponds and lakes, dry rocky fields, and grassy slopes in Alaska and northern Canada. In winter, coastal marshes, inland wetlands, agricultural fields, and refuges are used along Pacific Coast and Mexico. 42 black head, neck, and bill white chin strap HEAVY GRAZER Grass is the major component of this goose’s diet.

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