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Greater than a hundred and fifty orchid genera are defined, each one observed by way of a good Marion Sheehan representation that indicates a consultant species; all demonstrate a similar buildings in related perspectives in order that the reader can simply evaluate the differences between genera. In 1995, the authors bought the yank Orchid Society's Gold Medal of accomplishment.

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How then, with this great diversity of vegetative forms and flower differentials, can the 25,000 known species be tied into one family, the Orchidaceae? What do these plants have in common? Members of the Orchidaceae are related by floral characteristics. Becoming familiar with these characteristics makes identifying orchids easier. " With knowledge and practice, the orchidist should be able to pinpoint the genus and possibly even the species of an unknown orchid by examining the flower. There are tremendous differences between orchid flowers (Figs.

The outermost whorl of floral segments consists of three sepals, which generally are alike in size, shape, and color (Figs. 12, 13). In Paphiopedilum (see color plate) and its allied genera the two lateral sepals are fused in such a manner the flowers appear to have only two sepals. Together, the fused segments are called the synsepal. Genera such as Masdevallia (see color plate) and Paphiopedilum have Page 21 sepals that are the dominant portion of the flower. In Cattleya (see color plate), the sepals are spaced equidistant and lie between the petals, again in pinwheel fashion.

In cases where the genus is very large or shows great vegetative diversification, such as in Oncidium and Dendrobium, additional illustrations show vegetative and/or further flowering characteristics. More than 150 orchid genera are illustrated in this volume. Since there are more than 800 genera in the Orchidaceae, this book is only a beginning. Hopefully it will enable orchidologists to become better acquainted with the plants of which they are so fond. Orchid growers are often reluctant to cut up their blooms, but dissecting flowers is one of the best ways to study orchids.

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