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Subroutine GOSUB 1000. The subroutine would have a separate flowchart. 75 This represents an exit to or entry from another part of the flowchart, allowing one part of the chart to be connected to another part. Used when another direct line link would be confusing, or to connect to a separate page. ^ FLOWCHART 2. Decision and program branch PROGRAM 40 IF Y=0 THEN GOTO 70 50 LET x =100 60 GOTO 80 70 LET X=0 80 PRINT X 90 STOP This represents the Crossing of two Flow Lines. They are not connected.

Flowcharts can also be less detailed, and the flowchart symbols used to represent program blocks (sequences of program instructions) or modules rather than one or two lines. They then describe a less detailed flow structure. We might have a flow that was represented like this: Input loop in lines 40 to 60 J (START ) t t PRINT INSTRUCTIONS INPUT 10 You will soon start to write short programs, and should draw up flowcharts with each program line or instruction indicated separately. Later, for longer programs with large numbers of lines, the flowcharts must be condensed where the sequence is simple to follow in the program, to keep them of manageable size.

F2: A Game to Key In 52 I You have now spent a lot of time working through the essentials of your computer system and its BASIC, and you probably have the feeling 53 • that thus far you haven't seen anything to persuade you that computers are particularly exciting machines. ' Well, the following program may not be earth-shattering, but it does in fact reveal a fairly complex set of computer operations, as well as providing amusement. The program is called "BUG" and it enables you to play a game that consists of dropping bricks from a height to squash the 'spider' (an asterisk) scurrying along below.

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